Have you heard about the Hunza people, a small population, situated in Northern Pakistan? They’re considered to be the healthiest and happiest people with the longest life span in the world. In fact, they never get sick from cancer and women can give birth at the age of 65, believe it or not. Moreover, they regularly bathe in cold water. So, what is their secret for longevity and high quality of life without diseases

According to experts, Hunza people grow and harvest their own food and never consume imported products. They eat in small amounts and their diets are comprised of raw veggies and fruits, nuts, milk, cereals, dried apricots, milk, legumes, and eggs. They spend a large part of their days walking and they also have a fast that lasts for 2 to 4 months. During the fasting, they don’t eat anything except dried apricot juice.

The fast is believed to improve their quality of life and overall health of the Hunza people. Since they intake enough amounts of vitamin B17, a potent anti-cancer agent found in the seeds of apricots, the chances of cancer are very low. They look much younger than they really are and their average lifespan is 100 years. Interestingly, in 1984, during an airport check-in in London, the airport officers were surprised to see that the passenger, Said Abdul Mbundu, a Hunza man, was born in 1832.