Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases of modern society. Although there are medications to treat diabetes, the drug has not yet been detected. However, early signs and symptoms if they discover will lead to better treatment outcomes. Here’s how to recognize the symptoms of diabetes in the early stages.
weight loss.
Fat cells and muscle cells need insulin to receive glucose. So, if there is less insulin levels in the blood or if there is resistance to insulin, the cells do not get enough glucose and lose weight. Cells are the “hungry” because they are not able to receive the glucose remaining in the blood stream. This results in unexplained weight loss in many people.

Feeling tired

For the same reasons, the entire body becomes exhausted because the cells can not use glucose. Fatigue is usually chronic, and it can be one of the first signs of diabetes discovery. Fatigue and drowsiness often join this.

frequent infections

If you have a urinary tract infection for no reason, or if you notice slow healing of wounds and infections of the skin, you should consider the possibility of diabetes. Poor wound healing and unusual infections are common, and in advanced and early stage diabetes.